You already have, and are, everything you need to achieve a restful night's sleep,

without the gimmicks, sleep aids, and pills.

Freedom From Insomnia launches this spring

and our founding members will get a screamin' deal!

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Derek Lacey and Beth Wyatt are sleep coaches, advocates, podcasters, and former insomniacs.


Freedom From Insomnia was created out of a joint desire to help others get the deep, restorative sleep they need and deserve. And to work together on a project because they knew it would be fun.

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Life Coach for Insomniacs

Derek Lacey is a former insomniac turned passionate sleep coach. He’s currently living on his dream property in Texas, building a log cabin, as well as a future sleep retreat while serving his clients through private coaching via tent wifi.


Derek is a blogger, the founder of Dormi’s glasses, and a blue light guru. When he isn’t outdoors, chasing his tri-pawd dog Canseco or building things, he’s teaching the art of falling asleep on The Art of Falling Asleep Podcast.

"I've never met a person with sleep problems, 

just life problems that affect their sleep."

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Sleep Coach Beth

Beth Wyatt is an artsy Canadian and host of The CALM+COZY Podcast, where she helps others learn to love sleep through guest interviews, meditations, bedtime stories, and her own journey to overcoming bedtime anxiety.


Beth is the author of The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep, and when she isn't secretly Googling her own name to search for book reviews, she’s crocheting winter woollies and taking epic naps. One day, Beth plans to drive her future dream camper van down to Texas to co-host a sleep retreat with Derek and his llamas. 

"What life could you be living 

if you weren't tired all the time?"