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It all starts with sleep.


Sleep is the golden chain that ties health & our bodies together.

(Thomas Dekker)

How many of these sound like you?

You feel like you haven't slept well in years​.


You try hard to live a healthy lifestyle but you still don't feel great.

You lie awake most nights even though you're exhausted.

You spend more time in bed worrying than sleeping.

You feel like you've tried everything and nothing ever works as promised.

Your sleep deprivation affects your home life, work, relationships, or all of the above.

You're extremely tired & frustrated and ready for a BIG change!

If you’ve made your way here, it’s probably because you’re tired of trying so hard to fall asleep when you know it should come easily and naturally.

The truth? The way our industry deals with insomnia is outdated.

If you’ve invested in an insomnia program before to help you sleep and have only been left more confused than ever… it’s not your fault. It’s because most sleep professionals focus on all the things you're not doing. But the reality is you're likely doing too much.

You don’t need another list of things you're doing wrong

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...and you don't need another complicated system.

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"Finding Derek the sleep coach was probably one of the smartest things I've ever done. He truly is a miracle worker... Derek has transformed my life."

"Beth's advice is always kind and to the point. Sometimes she’s reminding you of common sense advice and other times she’s introducing you to new things you never thought to try."

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The Art of Falling Asleep Audio Course

The Art of Falling Asleep is our 5-step proprietary system that teaches powerful but straightforward concepts to help you fall asleep naturally & intuitively, and stay asleep. All audio lessons and meditations can be listened to at your convenience on any device.

The Full Resource Library

As a member, you'll have access to all of our insomnia courses, worksheets, guest workshop recordings, meditations, audio files and site resources that will be available for you to read, watch, download, and learn from at your own pace.

The Online Community

Open 24/7, the community will be there whenever you need to jump in for support or answers to your burning questions. Your sleep coaches will be in the discussion boards daily, ready to offer advice, friendship, encouragement, accountability, or whatever you happen to need that day. 

Ad-Free & Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Mighty Networks has a beautiful & intuitive (and free) mobile app that also gives you full control over all app notifications and settings.



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Everything included in Essential membership PLUS:

Monthly Group Coaching

Your coaches will be hosting live group coaching calls where you'll receive personalized coaching and support at every stage of your journey. You'll be encouraged to ask questions, share your progress, and celebrate your victories - big and small. (If you're more of a sit-back-and-observe person, that's cool too. You decide your level of participation.) You can also post your questions ahead of time to have them answered if and when you can't make it live. Playbacks will always be available to watch afterwards.

Live Guest Expert Workshops

Sleep industry experts and wellness professionals will be joining us for regular guest expert workshops, training, and coaching sessions. Joining live means you can ask questions and be involved in the training. 

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(Choose any or all that apply)

Your sleep could use a tune-up.

You've mastered the other areas of your health and recognize that sleep is still a problem.

You know that sleep is important and want to make it more of a priority in your life.

You struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep and it's negatively affecting other areas of your life.

You've wanted to work with a coach, but private coaching fees aren't in your budget.

You struggle with insomnia and want to reverse it naturally & without medication.

Yes, this membership site's main focus is freeing people from insomnia,

but we're also taking a holistic approach to overall health and wellness through daily and nightly routines, diet & lifestyle changes, taking time for rest, play, mindfulness, time in nature, enjoyable exercise, and self-care.

What else do you crave freedom from?

We want this community to be an all-encompassing support system to help you arrive at a place of ultimate health.

So, who are we and what makes us the experts?

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Derek's years of training and experience working with clients as a sleep coach have been greatly inspired by his former 15-year struggle with insomnia. Derek is the mastermind behind the 5-step method of The Art of Falling Asleep by combining sleep science, behavioural psychology, client collaboration, and spiritual energy cultivation. 

Derek is a Texas native, living in an off-grid cabin on the land he's designated as a future sleep retreat. He is the host of The Art of Falling Asleep Podcast and the founder of Dormi's Blue Blocking Glasses.


"My heart is filled with gratitude now that I sleep soundly every night.

Derek helped me see sleep as my friend and not the enemy. I am forever changed."

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Beth started in the sleep industry in 2017, after improving her own insomnia symptoms, and has since become an advocate for rest and self-care. She's the host of The Calm & Cozy Podcast and has partnered with several sleep professionals and brands, making her somewhat of a reluctant social media influencer. After attracting a publisher on Instagram, The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep was published in August 2020. It has since been labelled by reviewers as the most helpful book I've ever read, a glorious guide to better sleep, and life-changing within the first 30 pages, amongst other 4 and 5-star reviews.

Beth lives in Ontario, Canada, where she can be found spending time on creative projects, fermenting things, and collecting shirts with nap quotes.


"I love listening to Beth talk about cozy bedtime things. She is warm, funny, and makes it all so simple."

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I've been following you for a while and already know all your stuff. Will Freedom From Insomnia offer anything new?


Yes! Freedom From Insomnia not only includes the best of Derek and Beth's well-loved and popular content, it offers brand new content that we've created just for this program! We've partnered for this very reason. We want to offer an experience we couldn't have offered our audiences on our own.

As a founding member of Freedom From Insomnia:

You'll get in on the ground floor and be a key part of shaping the site into a dynamic, engaging, supportive, and life-changing community. 

Meetup Event

And the best part?
Better sleep (and better health) doesn’t have to come
with a five-figure investment!


Ad-Free Mobile App
Community Discussion Boards
Daily access to your sleep coaches

The Art of Falling Asleep Audio Course
Our Full Sleep Resource Library




Ad-Free Mobile App
Community Discussion Boards

The Art of Falling Asleep Audio Course
Our Full Sleep Resource Library
Daily access to your sleep coaches

Monthly Group Coaching

Private Coaching Opportunities
Live Guest Expert Workshops




still on the fence?

What if I buy a membership and realize it's not what I was looking for?

Send us an email and tell us you want to cancel AT ANY TIME during your membership. That's it! You can also cancel through the Mighty Networks app or website. We have a zero-hassle no-bullsh*t cancellation policy. As soon as you say you're done, we'll stop your payments and you can stay for the remainder of the paid month. 


I've never joined a membership site before. How is this different from an online course or program?

Online courses are paid in full upfront (or in a few installments) and contain the content for one course. Memberships are paid monthly and can be cancelled at any time. You decide how long you need and want to stay. Site content is there for you to consume, with new content added regularly. Membership sites are online communities where you can connect with other members, site owners, and administrators.

How do I attend or access the coaching calls?

All live calls will be scheduled and posted ahead of time on the Mighty Networks site. They'll take place in Zoom and will be recorded and posted to watch later if you can't make it live.

What if I don't know for sure if what I have is insomnia?

You don't have to be a "textbook insomniac" or officially diagnosed with insomnia to join and experience life-changing results. If you find bedtime stressful, struggle to fall asleep, or have trouble falling back to sleep, we can help you.

How much contact will we have with our coaches really? 

We're excited about making Freedom From Insomnia our priority. We'll be in the site daily - chatting on the discussion boards, posting new content, and inviting you into live coaching calls and workshops. We want to get to know each member by name and to be known by each of you as friends, not just the people who run the site. 

I've been in insomnia groups before and people were downright miserable. Is your community going to be the same?

No f'n way! Look, we get that insomnia and sleep deprivation are painful. We've been there. Freedom From Insomnia wasn't created as a place for members to constantly complain and bring other people down. It was created to remind our members of the great things going on in their lives, to celebrate the small wins, and to have fun in their journey toward loving and appreciating sleep. If you're familiar with Derek and Beth's work, you already know they're both friendly, fun people who will make this a great experience for all of their community members.

Do I have to be a "techy person" to join Freedom From Insomnia?

You don't have to be an I.T. genius, but you will need access to either a computer or smartphone to use Mighty Networks and Zoom. A basic understanding of using the internet and smartphone apps is necessary. Mighty Networks app is free to download and install, as well as Zoom. We can help you if you have any issues.

I don't see my question listed here. How can I contact you?

Send us an email at: hello[at]freedomfrominsomnia[dot]com

The Freedom From Insomnia membership community is hosted on Mighty Networks.

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We chose Mighty Networks as our membership platform because it's everything that Facebook isn't.
Mighty Networks hosts only membership sites, and there are no distractions when you log in.
If you're a member of other Mighty Networks groups, you can switch easily between sites in the app. 

There are no ads, no annoying friend requests, no privacy leaks or sketchy CEOs causing drama, and you decide how you want to receive notifications (if at all!) 

We LOVE the Mighty Networks app and we think you will too. It's free to download to your phone and it's very easy to use and navigate. (And don't worry if you're not incredibly "tech-savvy" because we'll help you figure it all out.)

Smiling Woman

Even if you only have 10 minutes to dedicate per day, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of falling asleep.

We want there to be no excuse for you to keep holding yourself back from achieving restful sleep. That’s why Freedom From Insomnia was designed to make it easier and faster for you to fall asleep, with easy-to-consume resources that allow you to learn in a way that works best for you and your busy schedule.

Did we mention we have a no bullsh*t cancellation policy!?

Don't you hate when you go to cancel a service and they give you a ridiculous (and downright sleazy) set of rules? We have no rules. Whenever you decide your time with us has come to an end, send us an email or cancel easily using the Mighty Networks app. No formal letters or giving us tons of notice. We also won't tell you some story about it taking 7-10 days to process. Your payments will stop right away. If you still have time left before your paid month runs out, we want you to stay and access everything until then. 

 If you're looking for a quick fix without having to change anything about your current lifestyle, Freedom From Insomnia isn't for you.

If you're ready for results and are open to new ideas and possibilities, we're excited to work with you!

We're not looking for perfect.

We're looking for ready.


Walking in the Rain

This isn't like anything else on the internet. 

Sure, you'll find sleep experts claiming they can help, but they're still selling you products and advice to "fix" your sleep.


We don't believe your sleep needs to be fixed.

We believe you already have, and are, everything you need to fall asleep at night and experience deep, restful sleep.

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Ad-Free Mobile App
Community Discussion Boards
Daily access to your sleep coaches

The Art of Falling Asleep Audio Course
Our Full Sleep Resource Library




Ad-Free Mobile App
Community Discussion Boards

The Art of Falling Asleep Audio Course
Our Full Sleep Resource Library
Daily access to your sleep coaches

Monthly Group Coaching

Private Coaching Opportunities
Live Guest Expert Workshops



cancel at any time!